Our Examinations


Our office prides itself on personal attention, quality care, state of the art materials and the latest technology to provide you and your family with the clearest and most comfortable vision you have ever experienced.  We sweat the details and work to build a relationship with our patients.  We feel that knowing you better allows us to provide better care.  Our entire team is at your service and our doctors are on call for you 24/7.



Our Team

Our doctors and staff train continually to give you a great experience and the best examination you have ever had.  We pledge to be friendly, attentive, caring and professional.  Our goal is to be eye care providers for you and your family for life.

Our Technology

We go above and beyond what is considered routine care.  New patients often comment that they have never received a more thorough examination of their eyes and vision.  High resolution retinal imaging, electronic refractions and precision measurements of the cornea are a just a few of our resources used to ensure that you enjoy healthy eyes and clear, comfortable vision.

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